BHP graph

Graph content

This graph comprises data stored in the collaborative database of the project that are published on this website as informations that one can 'read', but that are also accessible through the SPARQL-endpoint as linked data that one can query.

Some SPARQL queries

The queries are to be entered in the 'Query text' field of the Virtuoso SPARQL Query Editor, replacing the existing example query.

Search for all informations involving the object 'Mathematics' (Abstract object):

PREFIX rdf: <>
PREFIX owl: <>
PREFIX xsd: <>
PREFIX rdfs: <>
PREFIX viaf: <>
PREFIX geo: <>
PREFIX sym: <>
PREFIX syr: <>

SELECT DISTINCT ?i ?stLabel ?stDate ?KUTyLabel ?KUTy
{ { ?r sym:associatesObject syr:AbOb213 .
?r sym:isComponentOf ?i .
?i sym:knowledgeUnitStandardLabel ?stLabel .
?i sym:knowledgeUnitStandardDate ?stDate .
?i sym:hasKnowledgeUnitType ?KUTy.
?KUTy rdfs:label ?KUTyLabel.

ORDER BY ?stDate